Welcome to WTUSAhousing.com, your gateway to the United States!

As a participant in the U.S. State Department's Summer Work Travel (SWT) program, you are one of nearly 300,000 participants from 200 countries that take part in j-visa exchanges each year. We hope you enjoy living and working in the United States - and getting to know its culture along the way.
WTUSA is operated by All Friends, a trusted partner in the SWT program that offers a host of services to exchange participants from around the world through its student hubs. These include free Internet, access to SIM cards and cell phone plans, around-the-clock support in case of emergencies, and a series of affordable trip packages to popular destinations around the United States.
In order to reserve your summer housing, you must first pay a deposit to secure your spot.
Paying by credit card is the least expensive way to do so since you are charged a minimal fee for paying with a non-U.S. credit card rather than multiple wire transfer fees.
Here's how it works:
1) All Friends maintains a network of trusted landlords who offer safe and clean summer housing. We serve as a clearing house between exchange students from around the world who request seasonal housing and the landlords who provide that housing.*
2) Once we know how many students need housing and how many spaces are available, we connect you with a landlord and arrange for you to pay your deposit.
3) Deposits are usually $250 or $300 depending on the housing, plus a 4% fee for paying via non-U.S. credit card. (For example, for a $300 deposit your total payment would be $300 + a $15 bank fee, or $315.)**
4) All Friends uses a platform called Stripe to collect deposits and transfer them to the corresponding landlords. Stripe is a secure payment portal that provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure to make your payments safely.
5) Your deposit will be refunded at the end of the season once all tenants move out and if you fulfill the terms of the lease. If you pay your deposit and do not get a visa, we will refund your full deposit.***
*WTUSA is not your landlord. It is a tool created by All Friends to link you with a landlord. By signing an agreement with a landlord, you agree to the terms and conditions of the lease and to work directly with the landlord (not All Friends) concerning your housing.

**Alternatively, you may choose to pay the deposit via wire transfer. Your total fees would then be the cost of your deposit + a $15 incoming transfer fee for All Friends + whatever fee your overseas bank charges to initiate the transfer.
***Please contact us at payment@wtusahousing.com for any questions or concerns you might have.